HafenCity University Hamburg
/ Based on the URMA experience of six regions from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland, and on expertise from METREX (working group) and OECD (report) the following questions will be addressed in the seminar:
• In which sectors could urban and rural actors benefit from a closer co-operation? (tele-working, other tele-activities, renewable energies, food, recreation, tourism etc.)
• What is necessary to stimulate a more intensive relationship? (incentives, processes etc.)
• And how could such partnerships contribute to new forms of shared spatial responsibility, solidarity and territorial cohesion in metropolitan regions?
Detailed findings will be presented from the Hamburg-Jutland pilot case.
Your active participation in the seminar is of great interest to us! Please visit us.

22 September, 2pm – 3.30 pm
2nd floor, Wandsbek

Program Overview
Detailed Program