/ As a political cross-border partnership, STRING is fueled by positive impulses of thinking beyond limits and addressing issues on a comprehensive level. STRING’s event aims to provide remarkable impulses for future-oriented thinking and realizations on how to unlock our potentials in the STRING corridor and facilitate regional commitments in culture, creative industries, business, environmental and societal concerns beyond local, regional and national as well as thematic borders. This sets the scene for three topic-driven split-up sessions which further push our joint development. – The event is prepared in close connection to the STRING Cultural Network.

21 September, 2 pm – 3:30 pm
1st floor, Holcim


Three split-up sessions will continue the conference

A: Megatrends meet practical business examples -> more
C: Brenner and Fehmarn – two important projects in the EU -> more

(further information at detailed program of respective sessions)

Program Overview
Detailed Program
Documentation: Jens-Peter Saul
split-up session A
split-up session B
split-up session C