Activity Partner

Networking Village

Right from the beginn at the first joint conference day, the FBD Exhibitors use the forum of the Fehmarnbelt Days 2018 at Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live in Malmö to present their projects, businesses, initiatives or networks at the Networking Village. They will address stakeholders and decision-makers from politics, science and business as well as the interested public.

The Networking Village during the two day event (Monday and Tuesday 28 -29 May 2018) will be open between 9 am and 5.30 pm. It will be set up in the foyer of the main hall and include the coffee station and lunch buffet for the delegates. The FBD exhibitors will be mentioned (by name) on the Fehmarnbelt Days webpage – they dispose of the option to include a short profile as well.
The exhibition will be sold by space from 4 to 12 square meters including electricity, WIFI and optional 2 chairs and a table. The exhibitor will bear any costs of production, setup, transportation or special orders for the exhibition, which could be declared.

Exhibition Floor Plan

Why and how to participate as Partner of the Fehmarnbelt Days 2018?
-> download Fact Sheet

With the publication of the official booking form, the public sale of exhibition booths starts. The booking form is the binding order form, which have to be filled and sent to

<p><span style=’display:none; ‘>are-</span><span style=’display:inline; ‘>secretariat</span><span style=’display:none; ‘>-xya34</span><span style=’display:inline; ‘>[at]</span><span style=’display:none; ‘>ddks-</span><span style=’display:inline; ‘>fehmarnbeltdays.com</span> “>

<p><p><span style=’display:none; ‘>are-</span><span style=’display:inline; ‘>secretariat</span><span style=’display:none; ‘>-xya34</span><span style=’display:inline; ‘>[at]</span><span style=’display:none; ‘>ddks-</span><span style=’display:inline; ‘>fehmarnbeltdays.com</span> .

The booking of 19 spaces at Malmö Live Foyer follows the principle of “first come, first served”.

-> download booking form (pdf)
-> download floor plan + prices (pdf)

-> Go to the service webshop (to order furnitures etc.)
Do you have questions regarding services, please contact Li Mellberg: li@mass-service.se, +46 40 642 99 26.
Access to the exhibition ground: from 6PM May 27. The breakdown: after 5PM May 29.


No 01

Roll-ups & Flyer

// Europakorridoren AB — www.europakorridoren.se

No 02


We are a cooperation of committed people from the Fehmarnbelt where a complete new region is developing right now. As a result of the construction of the Fehmarnbelt fixed link this region will grow together even more.
Beltoffen is dedicated to foster a dialog of facts that involve all stakeholders of the Fehmarnbelt Region.
We want to shape our region together with you and take part in the public debate, the political process and planning process.
Beltoffen knows how important it is to act right now, in order for everyone to benefit from the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel and create the best possible future for a joint Fehmarnbelt Region.


No 03

The German-Danish Database

The two Danish regions Syddanmark and Sjaelland and Land Schleswig-Holstein have teamed up to operate the new “German-Danish Database”. It provides open access to statistical data, maps, charts as well as analyses in order to showcase potentials of German-Danish cooperation. For the first time, the database draws together comparable data and information for both nations in a single place.

No 04


Scanlines operates two short-distance ferry routes between Germany and Denmark with high frequency and large capacity and with a green vision for the future. Scandlines is a pioneer in greener ferry shipping operating the world’s largest hybrid ferry fleet. Our eight ferries provide efficient and reliable transportation services to the professional freight and private passenger markets, with more than 42,000 departures annually.

With departures on the Puttgarden-Rødby route every 30 minutes, an average waiting time of 10 minutes and on time departure performance of 95 percent, Scandlines is always open.

We have been on the Fehmarn Belt since 1963 and know the market better than anyone else. And we will continue sailing – also in case of an opening of the Fixed Link.


No 05


Øresunddirekt is a Danish-Swedish information service in the Greater Copenhagen Area and is one of three regional border information services in the Nordic region. We offer public information regarding taxes, social insurance, health care and job opportunities to those who are interested in becoming a cross-border commuter, to those who already commute between the two countries as well as to the business community in the region. The Information centre is located right next to Malmö Central station, on Hjälmaregatan 3 in Malmö and is open weekdays for personal visits, phone or e-mail.


No 07

Baltic Facility Solutions

Baltic FS and its Official Partners are backed up by more than 10,000 employees from the region and turnover in excess of EUR 1.4 billion. The business model of the Baltic FS consists in offering you a needs-based, bespoke proposal for all of your project’s ancillary services.
We can be at your side throughout the entire lifecycle of your project. Every day. Around the clock.
We know: it’s only the result that matters and that is adherence of Costs, Deadlines and Quality. We tackle the challenges of global competition using the down-to-earth values and solid, long-term oriented approach of our medium-sized regional companies.


No 08

NSB CoRe, Scandria®2Act and TENTacle

The three EUSBSR flagship projects funded under the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme showcase their interim results.

NSB CoRe aims to improve the sustainable transport and accessibility along the North Sea Baltic core network corridor. Main focus of Scandria®2Act is to foster clean and multimodal transport to increase connectivity and competitiveness of regions along the Northern ScanMed core network corridor. How the future Fehmarnbelt fixed link can be used as an impulse for regional development is the main target of the TENTacle Fehmarnbelt pilot case.

Visit us and learn more about our activities!


No 09

Rapid Transit Railway line S4 (Hamburg) & Öresund Metro Line (Copenhagen-Malmö)

Local, regional and transnational connectivity and accessibility are key factors in enhancing mobility and enabling sustainable economic development. The three cities Hamburg, Copenhagen and Malmö represent growing urban nodes along the EU ScanMed corridor. The cities collaborate closely in order to address the challenge of an increasing demand for urban mobility and freight railway transport services. The two projects ”the Rapid Transit Railway line S4” in Hamburg and the ”Öresund Metro Line” in Copenhagen and Malmö, illustrates how connectivity and mobility for people within the respective regions can be improved and at the same time alleviate the constraints of the railway system in the TEN-T corridor.


No 10

The HH group

HH-gruppen is a network of public and private actors from Sweden and Denmark working towards a fixed link between Elsinore and Helsingborg, the HH fixed link. Our basis is the knowledge that well functioning infrastructure is the backbone of a strong growth economy. A HH fixed link will boost the economy and contribute in making the Greater Copenhagen area a strong international competitor. The network has about 40 members and members of the steering group are Dansk Transport og Logistik, Dansk Erhverv, Dansk Byggeri, Sydsvenska Handelskammaren, Region Skåne, Region Hovedstaden and the municipalities of Helsingborg and Elsinore.


No 11


JUMP is an acronym for Jobs through edUcation, Mobility and Practice (Jobs gennem Uddannelse, Mobilitet og Praksis/Jobs durch AUstausch, Mobilität und Praxis).

It is a German-Danish project with 4 production schools and 2 universities on both sides of the border. JUMP creates development through cross-border education activities with production school students and support the region’s labor market through specific training programs and knowledge transfer.


No 12


Today BMS A/S is by far the largest in our home country Denmark and among the market leaders in Europe. Indeed, from 2015 to 2016 the BMS Group rose from no. 42 to no. 19 on the ‘International Cranes and Specialized Transport IC50’.

For a few decades Denmark was our main working field but today we solve lifting assignments all over Europe. We hire out cranes, man lifts, and other equipment of any size and to any assignment from our net of offices in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, the United States and South Africa.


No 13


The Interreg BSR project MAMBA is about maximizing mobility and accessibility of services in rural regions, which have increasingly difficulties to keep up public transport and other mobility-related services. MAMBA aims to meet this challenge by promoting sustainable “people-to-service” and “service-to-people” mobility solutions in rural areas. In practice, MAMBA partners are collaborating to improve the integration of existing mobility structures with innovative mobility solutions like citizen buses, mobility as a service (MaaS) and ride sharing applications.

read more about MAMBA

No 14

Fehmarnbelt Solution Services

Fehmarnbelt Solution Services, a Joint Venture, founded by Ramirent and Zeppelin Rental, will offer a 24/7 service on site with rental depots on the Danish and German side. The broad range of services offered comprise modular space, equipment rental services, maintenance and repair, logistic and safety management and consulting, temporary infrastructure, energy and climate solutions, facility management services, access control, waste management as well as training. More information about Fehmarnbelt Solutions Services is available at:


No 15-16

Femern A/S

Femern A/S is responsible for planning and building the Fehmarnbelt fixed link between Denmark and Germany. The link will be an 18 km immersed road and rail tunnel and will be the longest of its kind in the world. The tunnel is a top priority for the European Union as part of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean corridor. Once built it will tie Europe even closer together, ensuring a healthy exchange of goods, people and culture. Not least amongst the neighbouring countries, Denmark, Germany and Sweden.


No 17

Bandholm Hotel

Bandholm Hotel is Denmark’s best hotel in both 2017 and 2018, according to TripAdvisor. This luxury seaside hotel is beautifully situated on the north coast of Lolland, Denmark. Besides 40 stylish hotel rooms (some with sea view), Bandholm Hotel also features a beautiful conference venue, luxurious meeting rooms, a large wellness centre and a fine dining restaurant with sumptuous gourmet offerings and an extensive wine list. Bandholm Hotel is perfect for events, meetings, conferences etc.


No 19

Interreg EU funding programmes

Interreg is a series of programmes to stimulate cooperation between regions in the European Union, funded by the European Regional Development Fund. One of its main targets is to diminish the influence of national borders in favor of equal economic, social and cultural development of the whole territory of the European Union. The Interreg initiative is designed to strengthen economic, social and territorial cohesion throughout the European Union, by fostering the balanced development of the continent through cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation. Interreg V (2014-2020) covers all 28 EU Member States, 3 participating EFTA countries (Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein), 6 accession countries and 18 neighbouring countries. It’s budget is 2.8% of the total European Cohesion Policy budget. The fifth period of Interreg is based on 11 investment priorities laid down in the ERDF Regulation contributing to the delivery of the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Among the investment priorities are; research and innovation, environment and ressource efficiency, sustainable transport, employment and mobility, competitivess of SME’s etc.

The Interreg programmes represented at the FBD are; Interreg North Sea, Interreg South Baltic, Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak and Interreg Deutschland-Danmark.


Prices & Practicalities


Reference for calculation
net price
total costs
4 sqm  800,00 € 1.000,00 €
6 sqm 1.200,00 € 1.500,00 €
8 sqm 1.800,00 € 2.250,00 €
12 sqm 2.800,00 € 3.500,00 €

Furniture and Equipment

In case you need any further furnitures or equipment, please contact the Fehmarnbelt Days Secretariat.


Nineteen spaces ranging in size between 4 and 12 sqm are available in the Malmö Live on the first floor. In order to arrange the best setting and to provide further information, please contact the Fehmarnbelt Days Secretariat. Jointly, we will incorporate your wishes and negotiate the possibilities as well as mutual benefits.

All offers are limited and assigned to interested FBD partners strictly on a “first-come-first-served” basis.

Terms of payment
The payment of the total Fehmarnbelt Days partnership will be invoiced before the conference.

Application and deadline
The application should contain:
• Clear identification of the partner with address and a VAT-number.
• Contact person at the partner’s organization.
• Provision of the partner’s logo and 500 character profile text
• Description of partner’s event / exhibition or/and banner expectations.

For further information, please contact the Fehmarnbelt Days 2018 Secretariat at

<p><span style=’display:none; ‘>are-</span><span style=’display:inline; ‘>secretariat</span><span style=’display:none; ‘>-xya34</span><span style=’display:inline; ‘>[at]</span><span style=’display:none; ‘>ddks-</span><span style=’display:inline; ‘>fehmarnbeltdays.com</span>