Activity Partner

The so-called “FBD Activity Partners” use the Fehmarnbelt Days to pursue their own activities within the context of the joint FBD forum. This results in an enhanced visibility of their specific activity and extends the sphere of influence beyond the usual target group. Accordingly, this is the perfect opportunity to obtain the attention of people from different sectors and a varying background.

Added value

In a very practical sense, the added value of becoming an FBD Activity Partner is the possibility to use the organizational platform as well as the extended forum of the FBD 2018. Major synergetic effects are foreseen:

  • Facilitating new and positive impulses
  • Increased visibility
  • Being publicly mentioned as an FBD Activity Partner
  • Presentation of the event in the overall programme
  • Supported marketing for the event within the FBD framework
  • Provision of room(s), space and basic technical equipment on a fixed price
  • Using of the existing registration process
  • Catering for your specific contribution included in the common catering


The FBD Activity Partner’s contribution could e.g. be an event, a workshop, a seminar, a conference or even an excursion. We could offer rooms for up to 35, 45, 150, 600+ persons for 1/4 up to 1 days. The basic requirement to be an FBD Activity Partner is to independently, and with self-responsibility, organize your activity concerning its thematic content, its finances and its target-oriented marketing. The conference language will be English.

In order to decide about a Fehmarnbelt Days Activity Partnership, please approach us with your expectations, your ideas, your conceptions and/ or demands. Please contact the Fehmarnbelt Days Secretariat through the contact details mentioned below. We offer to incorporate your wishes jointly and negotiate the possibilities while considering how your contribution could be put to the best effect within the entirety of events and activities. Alternative you could send us the idea sketch form to present your anticipated activity.

Your commitment for the FBD Activity Partnership should be indicated not later than 15 November 2017. After this point, we could not guarantee to offer a slot in the program and/or a room.

The FBD Activity Partnership refers not to fixed prices for participating in the FBD. The financial contribution depends on the specific concept, needs and scope of your activity. As soon as we have learnt more about your interests and expectations, a price tag will be given.

For further information, please contact the Fehmarnbelt Days 2018 Secretariat at